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What if the characters of “Game of Thrones” live in the 80s? 

The illustrator Mike Wrobel is a huge fan of the series, and did an amazing job: reinvented the inhabitants of Westeros as if they were in the 80s.

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"I’m just talking out loud,"

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Good to know for planning reasons, continued and updated.

Neilsen has handily revamped their lists.

If I start now…..

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I am so happy I drew this.


Let’s get Theta a dog!

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Got a bad feeling about Omega

Yep. All the Freelancer feels are back. ALLLLLL THE FEEEEELS.

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AU where Doctor Who is celebrating 50 years as America’s longest-running sci-fi show. 

I agree with… some of this casting?

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I loved this so much. It was really one of the first times I saw a female character address sexism onscreen and it made a HUGE impact on me. She was scared, she was the girlfriend of one of the leads, but she was still capable, brave, intelligent and she was the girlfriend because she wanted to be, not because she had to be for the hero to have someone to save.

I love you, Dr. Satler. Never change. 

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Shingeki no Sailor Moon

Because it was only a matter of time before this happened. 

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War Kitties in Hammocks

Carriers and other vessels got infested with rodents. So cats were not just moral boosters (which they very much were) they were also working members of the crew. Some have even been immortalized for surviving multiple attacks on their ships, etc. Military dogs have been recognized for the important roles they’ve played but I think cats kinda get lost in the shuffle of military animals sometimes.

This is an instant reblog.

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